Functional CSS with Tachyons

Today I learned about functional CSS, and the Tachyons project.

Friend and all-round-good-person Jonathan Andreo showed me Tachyons the other day. The idea seems jarring at first, given that the classes mostly just apply a single property, but I'm starting to enjoy it.

I've just switched my site over to use it, to try and learn a bit more about functional CSS. Historically I've been a big fan of projects like Skeleton or Bootstrap for larger projects. With Bootstrap I always found myself fighting against it to customise it on larger projects, so I'm interested to give it a go on project less simple than this tiny site.

I'm enjoying the fact that it's easy to override styles right at the "edge" by changing classes, rather than overriding existing rules with very specific selectors. The next step is to work out how (for example) I can style all links in the same way, and whether I should do that by adding the same classes for each link, which might take a while…