2021 Week 10

It’s my tenth weeknotes: well done me for making it this far, and well done you for reading. We’re (almost) 20% way through the year, which is slightly bewildering.

SoundCloud (where I used to work) announced “fan-powered royalties” this week. I spent a brief time working with royalty calculation while I was there, and it’s… complicated. Without stealing words from Jami’s mouth, it’s great to see SoundCloud doing some of the things that people were dreaming of when I was there. Do I wish I’d exercised my options? Possibly.

We’re going through a strong “why do we live in London?” phase. It’s great living so central: when the office was a thing, I could cycle there in 10 minutes, or walk there in 30. We’re lucky enough to have jobs that are pretty flexible about where we work, and how often we’re in London. When you compare what you can afford in London vs. what you can afford in not-London, it becomes tempting to leave the city and go and buy our first place somewhere else. Bristol feels like it could be a strong candidate: but I’ve also never been. I’ve spent a lot of time idly browsing Zoopla this week, which I guess is better than doomscrolling Twitter?

Lockdown has felt like a bit less of a struggle this week. Having some small plans on the horizon has helped, as has better weather. Onwards and upwards to beer gardens, restaurants, seeing friends, and eventually getting lost in a loud sweaty room full of techno, please.