2021 Week 14

Weeknotes on a (bank holiday) Monday for a change: what a treat. I fixed my RSS feed too (link) because Hugo was generating a different RSS feed for each “section” of my site. It should be all in one place now, but apologies if you have to resubscribe.

The long weekend has felt excellent. I sat on grass in the sun with some work friends and a drink (and a cat) and it felt great. I also had the strange experience of meeting work friends that I’d not actually met in real life before, but I had to think hard about whether we’d actually met or not. Thanks lockdown brain! I’ve not taken any time off work yet this year, but I’ve got a whole week off next week and I can’t wait.

I also got back to doing some proper exercise: my gym have set up an open-sided tent in Canary Wharf and have started doing ‘outdoor’ classes. I don’t push myself anywhere as near as much when I’m home alone doing yoga, so it felt great to get back. Spin class in a silent disco style was fun, yoga in a windy/rattly tent on a cold day was… not as relaxing as normal. But still good.

I’ve been playing around with Causal to try and do some house buying maths. I’ve not got the hang of building more complex models, but it feels like a much nicer way of taking a bunch of inputs (eg. deposit, or the term of the loan) and seeing the outcome over time. Have a play around if you get a chance: they’ve got a lot of good example models to get you started.

We watched The Trial of the Chicago 7 last night. Great film, and one that sends you off down a Wikipedia rabbit hole. Anything that’s got Jeremy Strong in it inevitably makes me ask: when’s the new series of Succession please?

Last week I was in a meeting with Matt, which was the highlight of my week because he told me he reads my weeknotes. He promised to tell me a good story about Manchester if I mentioned him. Hi Matt.

Curiosity got the better of me, and I added Plausible analytics to my site, to get a vague idea of how many people read this.