2021 Week 18

It took until week 18 for anyone (including me) to notice that I’d prefixed all my weeknotes with “2020”… Let’s pretend we never saw it 😑

There’s only so many weeks where you can say variations of “hey, life is getting back to normal, great!” – so this week, I’m going to dump a Kottke-style list of things I’ve been consuming on and off the internet.

  • Line of Duty, which everyone has been watching, concluded last night. I agree with what Gabe said over lunch: it peaked during the Keeley Hawes era, and the finale was phoning it in.

  • Beatport’s Definitive History of Techno. Admittedly I’ve not finished reading the whole thing, but I find the genealogy of music genres, and the network of influences, fascinating. One of those “fractal” posts which leaves you with a dozen other bits to read (or listen to).

  • You might as well timestamp it – a staggeringly simple idea which made me facepalm as soon as I read it. TL;DR: when modelling data, always use a timestamp instead of a boolean. Beautiful.

  • Embrace the grind. This wasn’t what I originally thought: “embrace the grind” sounds like something you’d hear a tech bro say when they advocate for working a 90 hour week. Instead, the article hits on something I’ve struggled to articulate: that often, some of the most useful things I do (or ship) at work are the more mundane bits of work that require a chunk of ‘manual’ work.

  • This video (still not downloading TikTok though)

Catch you next week 👋