2021 Week 2

Hello week two. The first week back at work was better than I expected — doing more-or-less nothing over Christmas was a nice way of life, but about 24 hours in, I realised that I’d missed seeing work friends and writing code. It’s been nice seeing everyone again.

One of the things that’s been tricky during lockdown is having good work boundaries. It’s nice to close my laptop and take a two hour lunch break to go for a walk in the sun, but it’s also not great opening my laptop at 7am and shipping PRs. To combat this (and the fact that the gym is closed), I’ve started using Apple Fitness+ and doing yoga after work. It’s a bit California to begin with, but it’s been a nice ‘boundary’.

We’re trying out some new ideas for a coding test as part of our hiring process at work, as an option instead of a coding test. I got the chance to be a guinea pig, and it was good fun. Without spoiling it, you pair on implementing an interface. I did mine in Golang, and then swiftly realised how many of the basics I stumble on (like juggling slices).

James and I are back to lockdown haircuts: he’s more skilled than I am, and I’m mostly just thankful that I don’t need to go full-skinhead like I did in March…

PS. I’ve added an RSS feed after Chris asked.


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