2021 Weeks 28 & 29

Oops, I’ve missed a couple of weeks of these (again).

We had an offer accepted on a house in Leyton, which is exciting. I think we saw 13 in total, put in offers on three, had two rejected, and one accepted. I think we got pretty lucky: the original buyers on the house we got pulled out, and the fact that there are tenants in there made it tricky for the agent to schedule more viewings.

Another shout out to Nested who made the whole thing much easier for us newbies. Now the fun of solicitors and surveyors begins, but we’re making decent progress already. It’s exciting.

I forgot how much I enjoy the Olympics. To steal a description from a friend: you can stick it on in the background and have an endless stream of sports that you’d never normally see pushed to you. I hadn’t realised that the BBC don’t have the full rights, so I bought a month of Eurosport for £7.

The highlights so far have been the women’s road race (and realising nobody has a clear idea of who’s in front, and by how far), seeing Horigome win gold in the skateboarding, and realising how difficult slalom canoeing is. I’m excited for the climbing and mountain biking to kick off soon.

Part of the reason I didn’t write this last Sunday is because I went out (as in out), and saw OK Williams and Midland early on Monday morning. Surreal for the first hour, but a lot of fun. I’ve missed music.