2021 Week 3

This week was a pretty slow, low-energy one. I spent a good chunk of my work week on (more or less) day-long video calls, as we plan what we’re doing for the next quarter. I’ll never not find these exhausting — particularly for things that require brainstorming.

I resurrected my Tiny Printer (pictured below), and keep meaning to replace the placeholder data with something I’d actually find useful. The Slowpoke will stay, though. I overengineered the way it works: it’s a Next.js app that gets rendered to an image using a headless version of Chrome, which then gets dithered and sent to the printer. I’ll open source some of it soon, but I also need to resurrect my Raspberry Pi which is seemingly dead.

We’ve been getting into The Wire, and we’re on season three now. If I told you season two was about the shipping industry, you’d assume it was boring. But it’s not. McNulty doing a British accent got a good laugh.

Jan also started writing weeknotes, hej 👋

🔊 Pete Lazonby — Sacred Cycles