2021 Weeks 30 & 31

I’m getting in to a bit of a habit of writing these every couple of weeks instead of every week: I should try and break that.

I went up to Stockport for my brother’s wedding on Thursday: a small registry office affair, and a nice day. It was the first time my family had all been together in the same place since the start of the pandemic.

We’re making progress with the house buying: our searches came back and we have a mortgage offer, so we spent a chunk of yesterday sorting through a mountain of PDFs. Topics that I now know more than nothing about include radon, shrink-swell clays, and the location of various drains and sewers. It’s all been surprisingly smooth so far: I’m waiting for something to go pear shaped…

I’ve been in the same team (Business Banking) since I started at Monzo – about a month ago I started talking about moving on to the next thing, and I had my new team confirmed this week. I’m moving to the Personal Banking squad in a few weeks, and I’m excited to work with some new people on some new problems. My old team did a lot of behind-the-scenes “run the bank” work, so I’m looking forward to getting stuck in on some user-facing problems that we don’t have good answers to yet.