2021 Weeks 32 & 33

Writing weeknotes every two weeks has felt a bit more sustainable recently: maybe I’ll stick to it.

We shipped a long-running project at work – one of those bits of work that’s necessary but a little bit dry. It felt good to ship it and see it working, but it felt even better to get back to shipping small changes that make a difference. My team works on a lot of internal tooling for customer support staff, and the near-instant feedback you get when you ship a change is really satisfying. I’d forgotten how quick it can be to get changes like that into production at Monzo.

The gym I go to has a Wattbike Atom, and I’ve become a bit of a cycling stats nerd: I now know that my power/weight ratio isn’t great (2 watts per kg), and that the way I cycle is a bit “stamp on the pedals”, but shoes with cleats help with that… You can see an example here. When we move house and no longer have a decent gym nearby, I can see myself going all out and buying one, and no doubt before long I’ll be graphing my FTP.

The house is ticking along slowly. We got our survey back: nothing out of the ordinary (for a Victorian house), and now we’re just trying to work out the logistics of exchanging. Plain sailing so far!

Media diet redux: I’m powering through Schitt’s Creek (excellent), and Lupin on Netflix (also excellent). We had We Need to Talk About Money: mixed reviews.