2021 Week 34

It’s been a fun (long) weekend of two halves:

Manchester Pride. Somehow I’ve always managed to be away (or elsewhere) for Manchester Pride, so this was my first. It was packed, but good fun: it was great catching up with friends that I’d not seen in years, as well as meeting some new ones. The parade got cancelled, but there was a protest that happened instead, and I joined in. The turnout was much better than expected. Polly, who stands outside New York New York all weekend, is the hardest working person on Canal Street.


Field Day. I’d not been to a festival in ages. I headed back to London on Saturday night to go stand in Victoria Park on Sunday with a bunch of friends. Ross from Friends was good, Hot Chip Megamix is a lot of fun (it’s CDJs, drum machines, synths, some vocals: generally a good time), and the Blessed Madonna was decent (second half of the set being better than the first). I’d also forgotten how much pushing happens in a festival crowd. Being able to walk home afterwards was a good novelty too…

DJ Seinfeld and George Fitzgerald at Field Day
DJ Seinfeld and George Fitzgerald at Field Day.

After that, it’s been a bank holiday Monday of doing almost nothing. Other than that – not much news. The house is within touching distance now: it looks like we might exchange on Thursday, so stay tuned 🤞🏼