2021 Weeks 37 & 38

I’m pretty much recovered from COVID – I still don’t have much of a sense of smell, but I’m sticking my nose in a jar of coffee beans every day and I can tell it’s slowly returning. I can just about smell Vicks Vaporub now. I also learned that smell training is a thing, perhaps that’s more-or-less what I’m doing?

The last two weeks have been my first two weeks on my new team at work: Personal Banking, who look after most of the “core” bits of the Monzo app for UK personal accounts. It’s been good fun so far: we’re a newly-formed squad, and our first project is a well-defined chunk that we’re squeezing into six weeks. It’ll be tight, but the deadline is energising.

I’ve realised how much you can learn (and teach) by getting a change of scenery at work, but I also feel like a newbie again: I’m writing a brand new service and I’m rustier than I’d like to be at some of the bits I should know… Probably time to read Effective Go again!

We rebooked our trip to Berlin that got cancelled because of COVID. We’re flying out on Thursday. Clubs are open again, but only if you’ve got an EU Digital COVID Certificate. The UK doesn’t have that yet, but apparently we will soon 🤞🏼

I’d like to retract what I said about Money Heist in my last post. It starts off good, but we’re 13 episodes in and it’s dragging. Sex Education has been brilliant though.