2021 Week 4

I did a lot of nothing this week. My media diet consisted of finishing The Wire, starting It’s A Sin, and shouting at Grand Designs. Writing these weeknotes has led me to read a bit more: I’ve got Reeder installed and I’m trying to funnel my screen time into that, rather than switching through Twitter and Instagram on an endless loop. (Good luck me)

Watching the inauguration via Crooked Media’s “Group Thread” was fun. Live video stream on the left, and commentary from their Slack channel on the right. They’re a bunch of former Obama staffers, and the group commentary did a nice job of capturing the mood. Also Lady Gaga was excellent.

I had a few more fairly long planning meetings in work this week. There’s a category of things that don’t work particularly smoothly over a long video call — things that involve a lot of discussion/dissection/grouping of ideas never quite flow the same way. Jamboard is a not-terrible replacement for Post-It Notes, and there’s Retrium which makes grouping a bit easier… but they all kind of suck. Doing this on video calls is hard, and tiring. I don’t think there’s a tool that really nails this. In short: I’ll be glad to do this in person next time.


🔊 O'Flynn — Aletheia (again)