2021 Week 5

We stormed through “It’s A Sin” this week. It’s a brilliant and important show: managing to be simultaneously hilarious and heartbreaking. I’d have loved to see what it would have been like with 8 episodes. It’s a good juxtaposition to the slightly more carefree Queer as Folk.

As a gay man, you’d think I’d know a bit more about history, but it showed me how much I didn’t know: people locked up under the Public Health Act, wild misconceptions about transmission, funeral directors refusing to handle AIDS-related deaths – it’s a lot to take in. I saw someone recommend How to Survive a Plague, so that’s up next on my reading list.

Switching off from work has been tricky this week. Yoga has helped, but a friend set up a Minecraft server and I’d forgotten how much I can get lost in games. I’d never played it with friends before, but there’s something nice about the fact that you don’t have to all be playing at the same time. The main problem is I keep letting things blow up the corner of Alex’s house. Sorry.

Watching the Gamestonks/Reddit/Robinhood (and Dogecoin) sagas unfold this week was fun. The summary from Markets Weekly was the best summary I found, and now I have articles about ‘Payment for Order Flow’ queued up in my Instapaper 🤓. I bought James 10,000 DOGE years ago for about £2.50, but they’re nowhere to be found, so I think it’s time to forget about them…

Ann said she reads these every week, so hi Ann!


🔊 It's A Sin