2021 Week 6

Food has been a recent lockdown focus point. If I can’t leave the house to go and eat nice food, then the solution has to be making it ourselves.

Way back when the pandemic kicked off properly, we tried ordering shopping from some different places. Field and Flower has been a consistently good source of meat and fish. Doing a big shop here and there and shoving it all in the freezer has worked well. We got a delivery of fresh fruit/veg from Farmdrop the other week and the quality was great – perhaps we’ll eventually wean ourselves off supermarkets…

I got a big(ish) shoulder of pork and made this recipe for cochinita pibil with proper corn (not flour) tacos. Despite the fact I messed it (and my crock pot) up a bit, it still turned out well. Attempt two will hopefully not ruin so much kitchen equipment, even if it was only temporary.

I open-sourced pokebot, a Slackbot I wrote so that you can “roll” a Pokémon – it’s then yours for the day, and you can battle with others. The code is pretty messy, but I figured if I made it public that it’d shame me into improving it.

Today (Sunday) I took myself on the longest walk I’d been for a long time, to parts of London I’d not seen in a while, and listened to some music I’d not heard in ages. It was cold and windy, but the change of scenery felt great. Here’s an artsy picture of the Barbican Estate, which yes, is a cliché.

Jag admitted he reads this and demanded that I mention him. We worked together at Cahoona (RIP) when I was finishing uni in Manchester. He’d force me to make cups of tea and WordPress templates, but also allowed me to pretend that I knew how to write Python. That job was a lot of fun, but all the websites we made are now dead. Hi Jag 👋🏼

🔊 Fauré: Requiem — Listened to this on my walk: I sang it in choir back in college, and it's beautiful.