2021 Week 8

Better weather is here – a couple of days of 15° weather and some good-looking COVID stats has me excited for the potential of a something approaching a ‘normal’ summer. 🌞

Also, both my parents got vaccinated (Pfizer).

I always tell myself I’ll read more, but did I do that this week? I did not. Instead I started playing Control on the Switch. I don’t often play ‘serious’ games, but the story is great so far. On the Switch, the game is streamed from a server which does all the heavy lifting. It works really well, and it looks incredible. It feels like a sensible future: why pay for an expensive console that’s dated after a couple of years when you can rent one?

Thanks to Benji who, after last week’s post, pointed out Just the Recipe, a webapp that cuts the recipe out from everything else on a page. Your mileage may vary: I almost messed up a sticky toffee pudding when it merged two ‘sections’ of a recipe.

This week I learned that icebergs can flip, and enjoyed a post on the complexity of UIs. We finished season 5 of The Wire, and now we need a new show to binge. I think The Sopranos is beckoning…