2021 Week 9

It’s tricky writing something interesting every week when in reality there’s not much going on, but let’s try this anyway…

I took a bike ride out to Greenwich Park today, which was (according to Personal Best), the longest bike ride I’d done in over a year. Not that surprising given that my bike is chonky, but it was nice to escape the E8 postcode and see a different (greener) part of London.

The weather, and generally being outside in the sun, has helped my mood recently. At the start of the year, I began starting work earlier and finishing a bit later so that I could take a longer lunch and get outside. Work got busy and that fell by the wayside: it’s easy for me to make excuses to myself, but I want to try and build that habit back up again. That, along with some form of end being in sight (or at least gyms reopening), is a good feeling.

I’ve finished most of Control now, it’s been a lot of fun, although I had to tone down some of the settings (ie. cheat) so I didn’t die every 60 seconds. It’s still surreal seeing such a good game on a Switch. You can really destroy the environment in that game, which is one of the things that makes it feel so realistic. There’s a conference talk from one of the developers, “Destructible Environments in Control: Lessons in Procedural Destruction”, which I enjoyed, and shows how they implemented it. Game development is a whole parallel world.

Bye for now 👋🏼